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About us

Saccavini srl was born as individual firm in 1973, transformed into capital companies in 1986 and has grown steadily over the years and to date it carries out its activity on an area of about 60,000 square metres, of which over 15,000 are covered.


Nearby to the factory, we process the wood, such as the sawing of the trunks into planks and kiln-dry the boards and manufacture the components for the furniture. 


The factory is situated in Premariacco (UD) in the industrial area. It is provided by a modern sawing trunks' system to transform trunks into planks. The Saccavini srl also has a drying plant system for the processed wood and covered storages where the boards are arranged.


In the last few years the factory has specialized in the production of semi-manufactured types of wood which are directly imported from European Countries.


The factory produces about 20.000 cubic metres of trunks each year.


The factory gives constant attention for technology innovation and have a through knolowledge of the market's demand.


Saccavini srl is FSC and PEFC certified


The Saccavini srl obtained FSC® and PEFC™ certification to guarantee to its customers products derived of eco sustainable forests.

The FSC® and PEFC™ certificates test that all the phases of production, which include the transformation and the processing of the trunks, boards and wood components that are made in the factory, are of the highest standard of quality. 

Preference for FSC® and PEFC™ certificate's products can be made.

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