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The transformation of the trunks into planks

The Saccavini's sawmill uses an innovative sawdust system, which is provided by a computerised system.


The Saccavini's plant produces many different types of wood such as beech, ash, oak and cherry which are directly imported by the firm.


The sawmill also specializes in the processing of large and small trunks. From these trunks, planks of 50, 60, 70 and 80 mm are made, while from side saws is it possible to obtain high-quality boards of 25, 32 and 45 mm.


Some of the wood's planks are naturally dried on the factory's site yard and some are dried in the dryer's kiln, depending on the type of wood, which is important to obtain the necessary artificial ageing to make them stable in use.


The planks are then automatically selected, stamped, bonded and packaged for marketing use. They can also be trimmed in standard dimension or by specific demand.

The beech wood The trunks' beech wood at Saccavini's Sawmill The beech trunks ready for processing The trunks are ready for processing at the sawmill