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The transformation of the boards into semi-processing elements


The transformation of the boards into semi-manufactured components represents the phase after the logging of the trunks.


The semi-worked elements are made by the boards processing, which are used in the furniture for the Italian and for the foreign market.


The humidity level of the semi-worked elements is about 10% and 18%, which are available in different sizes for lenght and widths, in thicknesses from 25 to 80 mm by the customer's request.


The semi-manufactured components can also be supplied already planed and smooth.


The production of semi-finished wood is provided in a straight or countered shape to provide the customer with their specific request for colour and moisture.


The Saccavini srl with its capacity of production and its accurate transformation of the planks into semi-manufactured items, its quality control system's confidence and its accurate terms of delivery agreed, it has the ability to respond to all of its customer's needs and at the same time it always ensures the best service, price and quality.

The plank's processing at Saccavini's Sawmill The production of semi-manufactured components The production of semi-processing elements for the wood's Industry The transformation of the boards into semi-processing elements