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Drying process


The evaporation is a treatment used for the beech-board preparation.


The beech wood is easy to process, it can be glued, sawed and easily nailed but it is not very resistant to mould, therefore, in order to improve its endurance in time, it is subjected to a specific treatment which gives a typical brown-reddish colour.


The "evaporated beech" has been heated using steam (during the processing the maximum temperature that is been reach is just below to 100 degrees).


The Production Phases


The production process includes phases like the exsiccation and the refining process.

Through these phases the planks can be used for different uses, such as for carpentry, cabinet-maker, for artisan craft or for industrial uses.


During the production process of beech-wood (which is carefully and slowly dried to avoid cracking and deformation) is been evaporated and then it has been worked to obtain straight or shaped elements which can be supplied to the customer as rough, planed or polished.


It is also possible, at customer's request, to supply four-faceted beech planks without nodes, which are dried in a dry system and evaporated for the time required, which can be from 36 to 48 hours.

Beech-wood's planks ready for processing The beech-wood edged components The evaporated and dried wood The drying plant system